Sunday, July 27, 2008

IMPORTANT BATTLE: Davis VS. Sacramento

I have been to Sacramento approximately half a dozen times: Mayyors show, Crocker Art Museum twice, Bike trip to the drawbridge, Greyhound, Sac Airport, and perhaps another visit during childhood.

I have not left the city-state of Davis in at least 30 days.

Someone once told me at a show, "Davis seems more cultured than Sacramento; the university breeds culture." I am not sure if this is true but the person had come from Sacramento so I will accept the compliment on behalf of Davis.

KDVS is based in Davis, not in Sacramento. To a small group of people this is unimportant.

Davis has some art galleries. Sacramento has some art galleries. Draw.

I am friends with more Davis visual artists, but more Sacramento musicians. Double-draw.

Davis is bourgeois. Sacramento wants to be and sometimes is.

Mexican food in Davis is not good. I have been told Sacramento Mexican food is superior. Which brings me to my next point: I have been told Sacramento is the most culturally diverse city in the United States. Davis has too many white people. Davis legend Robert Roy says, "If you dislike Sacramento, you are a racist."

Arnold Schwarzenegger frequents Sacramento. His face frequently appears in the New York Times, occasionally on the front page. Rob Roy lives in Davis. His face, bike, and words appeared today in the New York Times. Advantage: Davis, as Arnold does not actually live in Sacramento.

Traditionally Davis is viewed as an Agricultural town. Sacramento is stereotypically defined by its Governmental presence.

Davis suffers from too many complaints from residents about not being Berkeley. Sacramento has every desire to become Nu-San Francisco. Sad sad Central Valley Draw.

This Blog is called "The Starving Artist... Sacramento & Beyond" as opposed to "...Davis & Beyond". Larger city takes precedent.

Sacramento currently has two main house-show houses. Davis has two semi-consistent show spots, one of which has been doing shows for almost two decades. Slight edge to Davis for epic consistency of the Dam Haus. is a superior resource to

The UC Davis Art Department was famous in the 1970's. Sacramento State University Art Department, hmmm...

There are too many fixies for one city in Davis. I have heard many fixies linger on the grid of Sacramento also.

You fill in the rest...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Little Paper Airplanes" makes my heart soar!

This is what I love: Artists getting together, supporting one another and selling decently priced prints of their work. Go to Little Paper Airplanes to find cute pieces of art, clothing, adorable accessories/buttons and -- my personal favorite -- zines and papergoods. Most items are around $20, but prices range.

Here's a snippet of info about how the site got going:

Little Paper Planes was started in December of 2004 in Los Angeles. As of July of 2008, Little Paper Planes calls San Francisco its home. Everything is stored/shipped in San Francisco. I started it to have a place where my friends and I can could sell stuff we make to help us make some money while we focus on our painting careers, but now the store has grown so much and is a place for all sorts of artists and designers. I feel honored that all the people who sell on the site are a part of it. Everyone is very talented and I have made lots of new friends. Oh and I love all the customers too, and even some of you now sell on the site! Anyhow I am going on and on, just wanted to say thanks.

Thank you so much for visiting Little Paper Planes. xoxo-kelly

Oh, and they accept solicits from other artists too.

(Props to Hilary Weisert for pointing the site out to me!)

Friday, July 11, 2008


In Honor of 7/11, 7-Eleven is offering free slurpee's all day!