Friday, September 19, 2008

Must Love Dawgs

Hey do you like hot dogs? Do you like Sacramento? WHO DOESN'T!?

Even before you walk into Capitol Dawg on 20th and Capitol in midtown Sacramento, it's a little shocking to see how devotedly local it is. Everything from the hot-dog-themed portrait of the city displayed on the patio to a menu packed with local names and references screams Sacramento. There is even a "tube of fame" running across the ceiling with messages written from regional celebrities like the Deftones. Maybe all of this is sounds like more of a warning to you than a recommendation, but I personally like to see businesses that are clearly dedicated to their location and clientele.

The real question here, though, is what does Capitol Dawg mean to your mouth, or perhaps more importantly, your wallet? Well let's just say that Capitol Dawg serves hot dogs the way they should be served: hot, delicious, and pretty darn cheap. Menu items will run you anywhere from $1.89 for a corn dog (I just had one today and the total works out to $2.04, which is way better than the $3.00 you might pay at Hot Dog on a Stick for what I consider an inferior product) to $4.39 for the Solons Double Dawg, which is two hot dogs stuffed into a sesame seed roll. There is also, and this is an important point, no charge for a VEGAN dog substitution. I've had a lot of meatless hot dogs in my life and believe me, these ones are the good ones.

The variety of specialty dogs is impressive, two of my favorites being the (BB) Kings Dawg (barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and onions) and the Prop. 51 (mustard relish, tomatoes, onions, peppers, a whole pickle spear, and celery salt). Mea combos go for around $6 or $7 and include a heap of crisp french fries and a fountain drink.

Not to be seen as simple a hot dog joint, Capitol Dawg also offers some other items that are pretty tempting. As summer comes to an end, you might want to grab a couple scoops of ice cream, a root beer float, or a fruit slushy, or if you're excited for fall, you can now get yourself a helping of vegetarian chili. It seems like every time I go in, there's a new item or option posted underneath the standard menu, which I'll admit is something I've seen backfire on other businesses, but it seems like these guys have it under control.

Their official website can be found HERE, and contains information about happy hours and specials such as $2 Tuesdays ($2 hot dogs, Pabst, and ice cream), as well as a full menu, hours, and contact information.

Happy dogging!

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Melanie G. said...

I'm totally going to hit this place up for the Tuesday special! So excited... (especially since I live near it now!) My fav hot dog toppings are relish, sauerkraut, extra onions and mustard. I call it the "Makeout Special."